Sunday, March 28, 2010

Day 39: A Friend that Prays

From the day I met Karen I believe she has been praying for me. The Lord knit our hearts together and now I just can't get her to stop praying for me...this has got to be the best blessing! Karen knows me probably better than anyone else on the planet and it's not because we spend so much time together, or because she asks the right questions but it's because she prays for me. She knows how to pray and what I need because she asks the Lord and now she asks Him for my husband and my babies too. I admire Karen so much because she is someone who lets the Lord lead every aspect of her life. She has taught me more about submission and obedience just by watching the way she lives her life for the Lord. It's such a blessing the way the Lord has knit us together as family because I am confident she always has my back. I can call her day or night and she will stop what she's doing and pray, and she doesn't just say, "yeah, I'll pray for you" she prays right then, she prays until I feel more confident and ready to fight the devil myself. Karen is a prayer warrior that lifts my arms in the battle and helps me to fight. I love her for that!

Today, I'm so grateful to have a friend that prays for me.


  1. I bear witness to the truth of your description of our precious friend! :) Great photo, BTW!