Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day 29: A Spit Thing

About a week ago my husband and I discovered if we do a zerbert thing, or a raspberry thing to the babies they really love it and start smiling so big. You know what the zerbert thing and the raspberry thing is right? Zerbert- put lips together and blow causing them to bounce and essentially makes your lips tickle. Raspberry- put your tongue between your lips and blow causing your lips and tongue to jiggle which may cause spit to spray everywhere. Now that you know we act like fools to make our kids smile I will continue. So today Chase woke up early from his nap so he had a one-on-one with Mommy. We laid on the bed and were just talking away then I did the zerbert to him and he did it right back at me. He zerberted me!!! He has been studying those lips for about a week now and today he got it.

It's the greatest thing watching your children grow and learn new things. My babies are just beginning this journey of learning and they have so many new things to learn. I'm excited to watch them learn all the new things even if it is just a spit thing.

Today I'm grateful for my son learning something new.

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  1. his hair is getting so dark and he looks so long! handsome, growing boy!!