Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ammendment to the Rules

This blog is really helping me to keep my eyes fixed on the Lord and His blessings.  I really am loving it but I don't want to get burned out so I'm making an ammendment to the rules. 

Ammendment 1: If needed Jaime can skip one day on the weekend, but has to go 365 days.

If you think that's okay leave me some love on my comments.

Today I'm grateful I can make ammendments!

Here is a picture of my dog Cola that expresses the way I feel most days. 


  1. Of course you can skip a day...and ESPECIALLY on the weekends!!! LOVE the picture of of the best dog pictures I've seen.

  2. Grace, grace, grace!! :) It's all good! Love you!

  3. what a silly pic cola! i agree, weekends are for relaxing. blogging, dishes and laundry can wait until Monday!