Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day 35: The Big Things

I ventured off to the grocery store today. I had an hour before the babies needed to be fed so I needed to get in and get out, but I also had a list of necessities and an empty fridge. I pretty much ran through the store throwing things in left and right praying that I would have all the ingredients for some dinners. I filled the cart to the brim and rushed to the check out. I swiped my card and was all of a sudden hit with an overwhelming conviction of "The Big Things" I take for granted. Today I was able to fill our fridge, buy my children new clothes, feed them, go out to dinner with my husband, work on our house and put away our clothes. Today I realized I take the big things for granted!

How many times do I miss it? How many times do I miss when the Lord provides for me and my family and I don't even thank him because I'm so accustomed to it? He has given us so much to be thankful for clothes on our backs, a roof over our head, a good job, food in our mouths, wonderful friends and family, a great church, and ultimately He gave us His son so we could have relationship with Him. My heart is overwhelmed today because of His provision. I never wonder if I won't be able to eat, or where I will sleep, or if I will be able to feed my children. I never do, but there are so many that do wonder those things.

My original idea was to title this post "The Simple Things" but isn't that just what the Lord was teaching me. That I take for granted the big things so much that I actually think there simple things. Give me a revelation Lord! Might I learn to not take the BIG things for granted!

Today I am grateful for the BIG things…food in my mouth, the roof over my head, the clothes on my back and the wonderful family and friends I have to share all those things with.

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