Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day 16: Quiet Mornings

No matter what the night has been like I always try to pull myself out of bed before the babies wake up and life starts to run on full speed. The house is quiet, the coffee is made (another wonderful thing about my husband) and It's just me and the Lord. Sometimes it only lasts 5 minutes, long enough for me to grab a bowl of cereal but it doesn't matter the time is always sweet. The morning is so refreshing. It's a new day. The Lord gives a new beginning everyday. A new day to live out your dreams, to accomplish great things and to be all that He has made me to be. A clean slate to do things differently than you did the days before. I may not have done everything right yesterday or accomplished everything I wanted to, but in the stillness of the morning I can't hear that. All I can hear is the Lord saying, "You can do it Jaime. I'm doing it with you."

Today I'm grateful for the stillness of the morning when the new day begins.


  1. Thanks for the inspiring words...I can definitely use them today! Your blog is a HUGE blessing to me! I miss you, friend!

  2. Beautiful post, beautiful photograph, and very beautiful babies...