Sunday, March 14, 2010

Day 26: Date Night

You may scold me for my failure to post yesterdays entry. It wasn't exactly the emergency I told you was acceptable. It was just a really busy day. I woke up to my wonderful husband handing me breakfast in bed waffles with Nutella and coffee, then I fed the babies, painted the patio, fed the babies, finished painting the patio, fed the babies, gave the babies a bath, got ready for date night, fed the babies, went over everything with Nana who babysat and left for a nice evening with the man I love. We went out to dinner, to the Michael Buble concert and to our favorite the Bern's Dessert Room.

Phil and I really enjoy being together and experiencing new things together. Since the babies have arrived there hasn't been a lot of that happening. At first I really missed Phil and now I just cherish him. I cherish our time together and am so thankful I have a whole lifetime of date nights with him.

Yesterday (oops) I was thankful for a date out with my husband.

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