Sunday, March 7, 2010

Day 20: The Opportunity to Win Amy Wenzel's Workshop

"Tell us how you love, serve or inspire other people in your life, and what attending the workshop might mean for your photography journey." (In 600 words or less...that's hard to do)

It’s my dream to inspire people to believe in God, to believe He loves them more than they can imagine. I want to inspire people to believe that God has dreams for them and they can do and believe Him for the miraculous. The way I have always tried to do that is by telling the story of what God has done in my life. It is only because of Him that I might inspire people.

I grew up searching for hope, searching for love and really not believing it was real. My heart longed for a family, for people to show me some hope. I grew up not knowing my father and at the age of 5 my mother was taken away from me. She was addicted to heroin and caught dealing drugs. This began my journey to find love. I lived with 11 different families growing up, wandering around looking for someone who would love me without condition. I tried to be the best I could, but I began to believe what everyone said, that I would end up just like my mom, a prostitute and a drug addict. I wasn’t particularly good at anything. I wasn’t overwhelmingly beautiful. I was just a girl that longed for love and couldn’t find it. When I was in high school 2 friends invited me to a youth conference. It was there I met Jesus and experienced love for the first time. It was there I found hope and began to dream. It was there I knew I had to tell the world about this hope I had found, about this love that has changed my life! For the first time I had a future. I AM good at some things and I AM beautiful because I’m made in His image. I went on to graduate from college and I’ve traveled all over the world telling my story to inspire and give hope to those who are without hope.

My heart found more unconditional love when I met my husband. We had twins in Nov 2009 and they’re wonderful. I believe I’ve learned to love deeper because of them. Now my deepest prayer is to inspire them to love the Lord with their whole hearts and truly believe who they are in Christ Jesus and walk in it. My heart is to still inspire people for the Lord and to travel the world telling them of all God has done in my life and wants to do in theirs, but for now he has called me home to inspire my family. A calling I love. So in the mean time I travel through the internet my blog. I began writing instead of preaching and I believe God will use it for His glory. Every day I blog about something I’m grateful for and photograph it, this is my way to continue shooting and improving my photography skills. I have a passion for photography because every story is better with illustrations. I want to inspire people with my pictures and tell my story and others stories through photography. Attending this workshop would be a prayer answered. I want to learn this art the best I can so I can tell God’s stories and I believe attending this workshop would give me the confidence to do that. Photos capture a moment of joy and bring it back to life over and over again. I want to give that gift. I want to inspire people to love the Lord with their whole hearts and to walk in the love He has for them.

Today I'm grateful for the opportunity to win a seat at Amy Wenzel's Photography Worskshop.

What I would do if I won...

What my husband would do if I won...


  1. Jaime, I am so glad that you have found such happiness and love. I enjoy reading your blogs :) Good luck, I hope you win the contest!!!


  2. Love your story and LUV your photos!!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Praise God! What a beautiful story!