Thursday, March 4, 2010

Day 17: First Favorite Toy

I don't think I realized that babies don't come out ready to play and entertain themselves. I mean I knew I would have to do a little entertaining but I thought maybe they might be interested in something other than being held. They weren't!  I've been so excited to get to that place.  They are now officially 3 months old and they have just found a toy they are interested in. It's a little Baby Einstein light up rattle. It plays classical music and has different color lights that light up to the beat of the music. They love it. I love it! It's bought me time to finish dinner, grab a snack and just sit down. I love to watch them as they look with such curiosity than their faces light up with excitement.
I love watching them look at everything. They look so intently studying everything about it. It's new and they are curious. Everything to them is a new gift something to be excited about. I want to look at life the way they do. Like it's a gift their unwrapping one glance at a time. Every good and perfect gift is from God and they don't miss one of them. I miss them all the time because maybe they don't look the way I like or I have judged them according to my own flawed opinion. When the babies look at the world they have no judgments, or preconceived notions, nothing has ruined it for them. It's just new and beautiful and a gift. I want to look at everything like it is a gift from God.

I'm grateful today for lessons learned from my babies.

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  1. We have that toy too and Gram LOVES IT!! Lights have been my life-saver with him. Something so simple is so interesting to him. Cute!