Monday, March 1, 2010

Day 14: Phone Calls from Good Friends

It's truly a gift when I get to pick up the phone these days. Between feedings, diaper changes, cleaning the house and making dinner it seems few and far between that I can even make it to the phone before it stops ringing. Today the babies were napping, I just finished showering and eating some lunch and Jenn called. These days I would consider that a divine appointment. Jenn and I used to talk quite frequently but things have changed a little. My schedule has changed things a little with all my friends. The only thing different about our friendship and our phone calls is that I value them even more now. It's a gift we have this crazy invention called the telephone and we are able to keep up with our dearest relationships. I have really good friends that live in Las Vegas, Illinois, Oregon, and different parts of Florida and our relationships have been able to stay intact because of some really great phone calls. I miss my friends often, but I'm glad I get to talk with them even if it is only for 5 minutes while the babies are content.

Today I'm grateful for catching up with good friends over the phone.

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  1. Oh, I miss our talks and love, love our phone calls even more now too. Crazy babies!!