Friday, March 19, 2010

Constructive Criticism


Today I'm asking iheartfaces to give me some constructive criticism on my photo.  I really love this photo but my edit seems flat.  Help me to spruce it up!

my edit



  1. Beautiful photo! So precious!

    I love black and whites!

    My only thing would be to maybe do a little color dodging on the bellies to get rid of the shadow and do some skin softening.

    (Both of which tuts can be found online) or email me at LMMPPHOTO (at) gmail (dot) com and I'd be happy to send you some step by steps!

  2. What a cute photo!! I agree with the above some skin softening. Not too much or the babies will look plastic.

    And try using a soft brush in Color Burn mode at a low opacity (like around 10%) and burn the gray into the backdrop just a touch. It might create a nice deepening to the gray background color and give you some good contrast between the babies and the backdrop. It's really a sweet photo!

  3. ok, so I took a look at this picture and I INSTANTLY fell in love with in giving accurate feedback, I copied it and have edited it myself, just to see what *I* would do. firstly, it was under exposed a bit, so i brightened it up, and I also filled in the blacks a little in lightroom. Once I did that, the babies were almost yellow-y, so I took a little of the yellow out. Then, in photoshop, I'd say soften the skin a little bit, possibly instead of using black and white, use a sepia-tone or even use the creamy chocolate b/w action from coffeeshop. (That is what I used, then I turned the b/w layer down to about 50%, and the chocolate layer up to 100%) to achieve this look:

  4. Oh, i really like your edit. The only thing i would do is maybe crop out the bottom part a bit - it seems to crop several body parts strangely and it's distracting a bit. Other than that i love it.

  5. Adorable!

    I would lighten the original considerably and take out a bit of red. That's it. I cropped to an 8x10. I love the way their faces create a heart in the middle.


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