Tuesday, February 16, 2010

PROJECT: Candidly Grateful

I recently embarked on the biggest adventure of my life when I had my twins.  They were born Nov 30, 2009 and they really are such a joy.  However, over the last 11 weeks one thing is true life can get lost in taking care of babies.  Monotony started to set in after about a week of feeding babies, changing diapers, and rocking to sleep.  Cabin fever shortly followed. 
So to fight the monotony and the cabin fever I have assigned myself a project.  This project is supposed to get me out of the house, challenging myself in an art I love, photography and keep my heart focused on the many things I am so blessed by.  PROJECT: Candidly Grateful.  For 365 days I will post a picture on my blog of something I am grateful for. 

1. Picture must be taken by me, Jaime. 
2. The picture can not be used more then once. 
3.  The thing I am grateful for can not be used more then once.(Otherwise you would have 365 pictures of my husband and my kids.)  However, It can be something more specific about something I've already used. For example; I'm grateful for my daughter. Later, I could say I'm grateful for her learning to crawl.
4.  Must post everyday unless a major emergency happens which will have to be explained upon returning to blog.  (This will be the hardest for me!)

I'm really excited about this project.  I welcome the accountability and encouragement of anyone who cares to read.


  1. Great idea! I look forward to seeing your pics.

  2. this is a great idea, jaime. i love your babies and find your honesty very refreshing. praying for God to reveal his joy for you each day so you don't have to look far to be thankful! love, misty