Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day 12: Anne

She moves faster than a speeding bullet, has more energy than a person who just drank 100 Red Bulls and can accomplish more in one day than I can the whole year. That’s my cousin Anne. She flew in yesterday to spend a long weekend with us and meet the babies. Anne has been such a blessing to us. Today she made us her homemade spaghetti sauce (SO GOOD) that will last our family probably 5 meals, she made my favorite meal mostacolli for dinner, 3 kinds of my favorite cookies, and caramel candies all while talking to her family back in VA, catching up with me, helping with the babies and watching the Olympics. She is the Queen of Multi-tasking. We have truly been blessed to have her here. She has taught me so much about being a great Mom as I have watched her be such an incredible Mom to her 4 boys. I admire and respect her.

I’m grateful today for Anne coming to visit.

I love this picture because it is typical Anne having a fun time doing the everyday of life.

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