Saturday, February 20, 2010

Day 5: Seeing something other than the walls of my house

I love my house don't get me wrong.  It will actually probably be one of my days things to be grateful for, but for today I was glad to be out of it.  The walls of my house are pretty much all I see since I have become a mom because quite frankly just thinking about all that they need to go out and contimplating whether or not they will be in a good mood makes me exhausted.  And it's even more exhausting when you finally do get out and they decide their not in the good mood you convinced yourself they would be in. 

It was such a gorgeous day out that I had to get out no matter the cost.  We packed the babies up and went on our annual strawberry shortcake venture to Plant City.  We ate our giant size strawberry shortcake, took a walk in downtown Plant City, hit up some antique shops and found a pretty cool car show.  It was one of those days you venture out and you see what happens.  I love those kind of days!  It was a great day hanging out with my family. 

Today I'm grateful I got out of the house.  It can be done with twins!!!


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  1. Love these pics! Makes me miss those strawberry shortcakes. And miss you!!!