Friday, February 19, 2010

Day 4: Being Known

Okay don't write me off as crazy just yet.  I'm not grateful my babies cry.  These pics actually break my heart, but what I'm grateful for is I know their cries.  If I am in a different room then them and one starts crying about 95% of the time I can tell who's crying.  I know them.  I know Chase's favorite relaxing place is his bouncy chair and I know Zaya loves to just walk around the house with Mommy.  I know a couple of things, but I pray I cna really know them.  To know what they need, to know how to teach them best, know what makes them happy, and what makes them sad.  I want to know them.  Probably one of the hardest things in being a Mom is when they are crying and you don't know.  You don't know what is causing them such distress but if you did you would do it a million times no matter how uncomfortable it makes you.  To know them is such a gift. 

As I have reflected on this desire to know my children Psalm 139 has come alive to me.  The Lord knows me.  He knows when I sit and when I stand, He knows my words before I say them, all of my thoughts and desires.  He knows me.  I am grateful to be known by my God.  He knows what I need so I can trust that I will be taken care of.  But just as I long so much for my children to just tell me what they need I am keenly aware now that God longs for us to tell him what we need.  Even though he knows us he longs for us to just tell him.  It's an amazing gift that the God of the universe knows me and he wants to continue knowing me more everyday as I talk with him. 

I am grateful today that God knows my cry and He longs to hear it. 


  1. I love these! I look forward to reading them every night. Keep them coming.

  2. Not only are you an artist with a camera, you are an artist with your words and thoughts! Just beautiful! :) I love you, Jaime!

  3. Hi sweet friend! you are such a great mama and love the pics! i was having a little pity party this morning and for some reason i thought of the word "grateful"...and when i saw your update, i knew i needed to read up on your blog- super encouraging word!