Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day 8: A Daddy

One of my biggest struggles as a little girl was not having a Dad.  I remember as a child dreaming what he would be like, how he would play with me, how he would hold me and protect me. It was a constant thought on my mind. I knew even as a young child that I was missing out on a really special relationship. I would imagine him twirling me around and letting me dance on his feet and I even imagined him walking me down the aisle one day. I didn't know what he looked like though so whenever I would get to his face in my day dreaming it would be blank and I was left heartbroken once again. When I was 19 years old I somehow gained the courage to find him. I found him in the phone book (The simplest solution to a life of heart ache). My Dad and I got in contact, but I believe it was too late for us. He had a wife and a son that were his family and there wasn't much room for me. How was he supposed to be a Dad to a 19 year old? A question I knew the answer to but he never wanted to find out. My heart still at times aches for that relationship. I wonder what it would have been like growing up with a Dad to watch out for me and protect me.

I'm grateful today that my children will always have a Daddy. This has truly been such a gift for me as I watch their relationship grow each day. They both have a special relationship with Daddy. Dad does the fun stuff with them like the move we fondly call the "diaper crane", and he slides, bounces and flies like the best roller coaster. Every day he comes home from work and spends time just talking with them. He really knows them so well, what they like and how they act. It's fun to hear him talk about them to, how he is excited to go camping with Chase and take Zaya on Daddy dates. He is a great Dad. My kids will never have to imagine what it would be like to have a Daddy because they have the best one. Because of Daddy they will always know they are taken care of and loved. They will always feel safe.

Today I'm grateful my children will always know there Daddy.

Here they are sporting their favorite Daddy gear...

Daddy and Chase

Daddy and Zaya

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  1. Great pictures. I just love these daily thoughts of yours. Thanks for sharing.