Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day 6: Worship

Don't tell anyone but I often go around the house singing silly songs. Before my kids came I would sing silly made up songs to my dog about how great she is. Now most of my silly songs are about Zaya and Chase and how much I love them or how beautiful they are. I love to sing! I have been singing my heart out since I was a little girl. But there is nothing like worshipping.  Really worshipping, giving the Lord all of myself, singing my heart out and dancing without concern of how I sound or what I look like.  I love worshipping the Lord!

Sometimes by the time Sunday hits I feel like I NEED to worship. I just need to praise the Lord. Throw all inhibitions out the door and worship. I was caught up today as I felt the Lord's presence so intimately during worship. I began to think what a blessing it is to worship and how awesome it is that we even can. God is the creator of the heavens and the earth, He is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, He is the Great I am and I am blown away that he would accept my worship. Since I have become a mother I have never been more aware of my selfishness, of my inadequacies, of my sin and I was blown away today that the Lord accepts my worship. Not only does He accept it but my worship blesses Him. Me, with all my inadequacies, all my selfishness and all my sin am able to bless the Lord.

I'm grateful today I can worship the Lord!

Just a note...I didn't forget the rules. This is a self portrait and because of this I was able to learn some new things about my camera. So fun! Thanks for all the support. I'm loving the encouragement.


  1. 1) I absolutely love this photo! The background, the expression on your face, everything! Just... wow.

    2) I adore this project! I wrote on your facebook that this is truly inspiring, and it makes you recognize and appreciate the little things in life, even (and especially) when the waters get rough. God Bless you for sharing this!

    3) Just out of curiosity, you said you learned something new about your camera. a) What kind of camera do you have? and b) how did you get such a wonderful self portrait like that without being behind the lens? (I'm still learning, so I am curious. lol)

  2. I shoot with a Nikon D300. I learned how to use the timer release and had to manually focus on something else that would be in the same depth of field I was going to stand in. It was a fun project. I'm having fun challenging my skills. Thanks for your sweet comments. I'm so glad this is a blessing to you. I hope you have a wonderful day!