Thursday, September 24, 2009

Senior Photos

I remember my senior photos. I was so excited to get them done because it was the coolest thing ever. I could change outfits and use props and all the ones I had seen always made the seniors look so cool. Well all of the outfit changing and the props definetly didn't make me look cool in the studio shoot that I did. I won't name the ever so popular studio who does all of the senior portraits in Las Vegas. I wouldn't want to be unkind. But man I remember the disappointment. So as I am venturing in my love for photography it's my desire to take back senior photos from the dark side and turn them into everything I wanted when I was 18.

This is my attempt at taking them back. Emilee was a lot of fun to shoot. She made us laugh and brought us back into the cool lingo of high school.

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  1. Beautiful! I especially love the train tracks. :)