Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I Miss Being a Kid

Don’t you miss the days before life got heavy? When you were light on your feet and quick on your toes, your imagination could take you to far off places and your ideas could make you into another person. You can be anything when you’re a kid and your never fearful of it not working out. I miss those days! The days when I didn’t second guess myself and I didn’t take everyone else’s opinion to heart. Kids remind me of the joy, peace and gentleness in life.
That’s probably why I immerse myself in them whenever I can. (If we all did this I believe the world would be a lot more joyful.) I work with them daily at an aftercare. Yesterday I received the best compliment from one of my first graders. He said, “I love hugging you. You remind me of my teddy bear.” That brought a huge smile to my face. I also work with the kids at church and would consider some of those kids to be my best friends. They always have an encouraging word for me. And recently I have found shooting them is one of my favorite things in the world to do. They don’t hold back and aren’t self conscious. It’s so fun. I think they will be my main focus in my photography business.
Here is one of my favorite kids in the whole world!

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