Saturday, April 24, 2010

Day 54: Footsies

Last night when I crawled back into bed after a late night feeding my husband rubbed his feet up against mine as if to say "I'm glad your back and thank you for doing what you're doing."  I smiled and drifted back to sleep.  The Lord has blessed me with a great partner.  Life is hard sometimes, but this I know, it would be a lot harder without my partner.  He is such a great encouragement to me and my heart is thankful for the many simple things he does to remind me that he is in this with me, he is my partner.  I know it sounds funny that playing footsies would remind me that I'm not in this alone, but it did.  I hope I can always see the simple things he does and allow those things to remind me of his love for me.  I will admit I probably miss things every day that he does to show me his love, but last night I didn't miss it.  I allowed his feet to snuggle up and remind me of his love.  I hope I can do that more often. 

Today I'm grateful for the small things my husband does to show me he loves me. 

This picture was taken on our honeymoon when we were playing footsies. 

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  1. I can completely relate. Its the little things in my relationship with my husband, that make me sit back, and sigh... Its an amazing feeling to know that you have been given a bestfriend, soulmate, and lover all wrapped into one, and the best part? On our worst days, when we look weathered and feel down.. they will be there to play footsies with =) Even when we're old and gray.

    Yay for us and our forever love!