Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day 51: Accomplishment

Today as I was doing the laundry and cleaning the baby’s room an epiphany hit me, I could finally put my finger on why this new job of mine (CEO of the Hinton Household) is a little hard at times, mundane some and even frustrating a little. Maybe as a mom some days you don't feel very accomplished. I finish the dishes, but then there is more that same afternoon, I do the laundry but then there is more that evening, inevitably there are endless diapers to change and mouths to feed and especially with two I often feel as though my life is stuck on the repeat button. I never really get to check anything off the list and walk away feeling accomplished. This was huge for me! It is amazing what the Lord reveals when you ask Him. Now I know, now I can make a plan to have some things in my life to check off my list and feel accomplished.
We had a major accomplishment as a family. We finally finished our patio. Phil and I wanted to make our patio a place we could entertain and enjoy together as a family and make a safe fun place for the babies to play. Phil, Dave, Joyce and I painted, got new patio furniture, made new cushions and put up a fence to keep the babies out of the pool. It's really an incredible space now that we really love hanging out in. I hope you can all come over for a bbq we would love to have the company.

Today I'm grateful for things accomplished.

Baby's play area

Cola was locked out she got in trouble...This is now doggy jail.

Our Avocado plant we are tryoing to grow.

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