Saturday, April 10, 2010

Day 45: Easter

Easter was a beautiful spring day filled with great celebration. It's one of the most beautiful days of the year as we celebrate the day Jesus broke the back of the Devil and took the sting out of death. A day of Victory at its best!!! I love Easter! I love dressing up, seeing the little girls in their beautiful poufy dresses and white patent leather shoes and the boys in their ties. I love going to church and singing my loudest because I know Jesus wins and I win because Jesus won. He conquered the grave! I take myself back to that day and put myself in the place of the people. Who would I have been? Would I have been the doubting Thomas? Or Mary who was surprised to find out it wasn't the gardener? Or Peter who ran to tell everyone? I don't know who I would have been that day but I know this, I would have been stopped in my tracks and left standing in awe. I serve a great God who sent his only son to die on a cross and conquer the grave for me and for you.

Easter meant something different this year, Good Friday meant something different this year as I was able to walk in the shoes of a parents love for the first time. He gave His only son. The love I feel for my children is overwhelming at times especially when I feel they are in danger. A pure love of great protection rises up in me and I believe I would do anything to keep them from harm. I'm sure God wanted to protect Jesus that day. I'm sure the desire was so great that He could barely stand it, but he chose to let Him die for us. I stand in awe today! I have been wiped clean of my sin, covered in unconditional love, accepted and engrafted into the family of God because He chose to let His son die for me. I have been given an inheritance in Christ Jesus and the same spirit that raised Christ from the dead lives in me. I am more than a conqueror! I am redeemed!

Today I'm grateful My Redeemer Lives!!!

I loved dressing up for Easter when I was little.  So you know I will love dressing my kids up for Easter.

Zaya loved her dress so much she wanted to eat it.

Sorry for the lack of Easter pictures, to be honest we dressed Zaya and Chase up and took them outside for pictures the day before Easter and none of them turned out.  I'm so sad about it, but I will dress them up and try again.  Don't worry I will share when I get some.

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  1. Look at how cute you are in your yellow Easter dress!! So precious!