Monday, November 1, 2010

Day 76: Fall

I first fell in love with fall in college seeing as I grew up in the desert and there wasn't really the change of seasons.  Illinois had it though and I fell in love immediately with the crisp, chilly weather, the campfires, the wonderful goodies to eat, and ofcourse my favorite, the beautiful colors of the leaves.  I would travel around campus and find my favorites and stick them in my bible for keeps.  (I think I still have a few)

Fall in Florida doesn't really have the crisp, chilly weather or the wonderful hues in the leaves but it's still such a special time in our family.  This is when we celebrate my birthday, our wedding anniversary and our babies birthday!  As far as I'm concerned all good things happen in the fall and I love it!  It's a time to reflect on the abundant blessings that the Lord gives out and a great time to be thankful for all of those blessings. 

Today I'm grateful for Fall and all the blessings it brings with it!


  1. so precious, Jaime :) They are getting so big!!

  2. Great, great pics!! I can't decide which is my favorite, maybe the one of Zaya eating the pumpkin or the one with Chase and his crazy hair in the pumpkin patch. Cute kiddos!

  3. oh my goodness, Jaime! These are great pictures! Zaya and Chase are absolutely adorable!!