Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Day 77: Every Moment

The last couple weeks we've been looking back at old pictures of the babies as we've been preparing for their upcoming 1st Birthday. I really can't believe that it has almost been a year since the Lord blessed us with such an amazing gift. I remember during the sleep deprivation months thinking to myself, "Am I going to make it?" Life was turned upside down and I never cared as much about anything as I did about these 2 little lives. It was crazy taking care of two babies at once, getting to know what each cry meant, knowing how to comfort each one, how to play with each one and how to hold each one. Now their 11 1/2 months old and I finally feel like I know them. I know what each cry means, I know how to make them laugh and I know how to comfort each one of them and I can't believe we're here. We made it! I made it to the place where I feel good at being a Mom, where I feel like I actually might know what I'm doing and It feels good. All the crazy moments, and worried tears lead to this moment. All the moments definitely weren't all easy but they were definitely ALL Great!

I'm so grateful for every moment I have had with my sweet babies!


  1. that's CRAZY that they are turning one! Where did the year go??

  2. Happy almost birthday, sweet babies!
    Jaime- Thank you for blessing my life with your blog and pictures of these perfect little ones. Without a doubt, they put a smile on my face everytime!