Monday, May 3, 2010

Day 57: I did it!

Since Phil has gallivanted out of the country to serve the Lord the house has slowly gone downhill. First my sweet Zaya got sick, then Chase and I followed. Runny nose, sore throat and a cough...all the best stuff when Daddy is gone. I really put on my game face, even though I’m not feeling well, as I went into the evening because they both needed to eat their cereal, have a bath and I knew they would both be a little more "needy" (that's a nice word for fussy) because they weren't feeling well and neither had a good nap today.

Cryfest 2010 started right around 5:30 as they were getting diapers changed and Mom was on her way to make some cereal. I held them off with a little dancing and singing until I could arrive with the food. I started with Chase as he was the most "needy" at that moment but he decided he wanted nothing to do with that delicious cereal. So I went on to Zaya and fed her while bouncing Chase in his bouncy seat, she gobbled hers up and seemed content enough for me to continue my battle with Chase. He finally got most of it down but definitely not without protest and Zaya let me know she wasn't too happy about this battle either.

Round 2: Baths! Mommy ran and got the bath, filled it, got towels and babies all in position and of course ran into a detour...a dirty diaper...back to the changing table then back to the bath...everyone is in position…bathing begins. Chase enjoyed his bath but didn't enjoy waiting for Zaya to have hers. Everyone was clean and wrapped in towels and somehow managed to get in Mama's arms and back to the changing table and that's when the real protest began. I'm surprised you didn't hear it from where you are. So I did as any good mom would do I hurried a little faster and started to pray and told the babies to pray. Pray that Jesus can help you because Mommy isn’t doing a great job right now! Everyone got lotion, diapers, and pajamas on and I lifted them both in my arms as they were crying out for help and I began to rock, and bounce, and dance, and sing. Two babies as uncomfortable as they could be jammed in Mama's arms rocking, bouncing, dancing and listening to their Mama sing and all of a sudden it happened...I was enough for both of them in that moment because I rocked, and bounced, and danced, and sang them right into serenity. We did that for a half an hour and my baby girl fell asleep on one shoulder and my baby boy cuddled up in peace on the other. I did it! I suppose I never thought I could be enough for both of them if they both needed me at the same time but I was tonight because the Lord didn't let me lose my joy. I just kept rocking, bouncing, dancing and singing.

Today I'm grateful the Lord has given me what I need to be a Mom of twins.

No picture but I will remember this memory for my lifetime.


  1. You're doing great babe. I have great peace knowing that while I'm gallavanting, you are taking care of our family. Maybe next year we can switch :)

  2. You are awesome!! And you are more than enough for those babies, they are so blessed to have you. Don't ever forget it!! You are the perfect mom for them.