Friday, March 4, 2011

Day 85: A New Friend

I have been praying my little heart out for a friend, someone who was in the same unique baby season as me, someone who is creative and likes to do creative projects, and someone who loves the Lord and can sharpen me in my love for the Lord. Guess what? The Lord answered my prayer.

My newest friend is Ginese! She's totally hip, she loves the Lord and her family, she's got great creative ideas, she's encouraging and did I mention she is totally hip. It's fun to have a friend that you can make plans with according to nap schedule and they won't be offended, a friend that doesn't mind if she's spat up on and a friend who is easy to talk to even if 3 babies are crawling and fussing all over the place. Ginese is my answered prayer.

Today I'm grateful the Lord answers the longings of my heart.

We took a little trip to Dade City and of course had to take out the camera.

Wesley Chapel, FL Children's, Families and Senior High Photography


  1. What lovely kids and photos. You are very talented Ms Jaime. Glad to hear about your new connection. That is great!

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