Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 82: The In Between

I love those moments in between responsibilities, in between plans and chores, those moments when it seems life really starts to happen. You didn't plan for these special moments but somehow they just are there when you slow down a little, when you lose your cell phone, move away from the computer and just focus on spending time together. My pastor always says the only thing you’re taking to heaven with you is your relationship with Jesus and your relationship with others. I think that makes a pretty good priority list for us. Relationships are the heart of God. He sent his only son to die for us so He could have relationship with us. Relationships are important! Yes relationships are hard at times, they take effort and responsibility, but I think there is no greater reward then knowing someone and them knowing you. It seems this genuinely begins to happen in the in-between.

Today I'm grateful for the in-between moments that relationship becomes the most important.



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  1. Oh those airplane cars are SO CUTE!!! Great pics, wonderful babies!!