Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day 72: My First Baby

Here she is...My first baby, Cola!

10 weeks old at the beach.

I got her when she was 8 weeks old. It was kind of a spur of the moment thing my best friend was moving across the country and I needed a replacement. Before then I confess to HATING dogs! Actually loathing dogs! I thought they stank, licked (which is gross), and left hair everywhere...EWWW!! I HATED DOGS!! So it's a wonder I brought one of those stinky, licking, shedding things home to share a house with me.

It was July 06. I had my own apartment and loved it but I went to pick up this tiny little cute thing and take it home to live with me. It was approximately 12 hours later that I called my best friend crying and said, "I think I have to take her back this is too hard!" Her response, "Jaime, I think you should give it at least 24 hours." A miracle must have happened in those next 12 hours because I have been in love with my Cola Bear ever since!

Cola was the first thing I had to take care of that wasn't me. Sounds silly but it's amazing how selfish you realize you are when another breathing thing is depending on you for care. I think Cola and I in a way grew up together. She has brought me so much joy for the last 4 years! Nothing is better than coming home to the greetings of a dog that loves you. And talk about grace...Cola has never held a grudge or gotten mad at me she just keeps on loving me.

When Phil and I got married Cola became our baby. We would take camping adventures with her and go to the dog park. We frequented the Dog Beach and took her everywhere she was allowed to go. We love Cola!

So much has changed in Cola's world and ours the last 9 months as Cola has become a big sister to 2 attention stealers. Cola hasn't been on many outings or many walks. She doesn't always get greeted at the door anymore because usually babies are in hand and needing something. Cola sits outside of their room just wishing she could come in and play. And I have began to hate it. Now when I look at Cola I feel guilty and sad I'm not able to give her the attention she deserves because she is such a great dog. I'm more worried than ever about all the hair she leaves everywhere because the babies are crawling around on that hairy floor. It makes me sad how our relationship has changed.

Phil and I have began to think that it might be better if she goes to live somewhere else. My heart breaks as we have considered this but it might be best for her. I don't know what to do. I feel like I'm abandoning her and the babies really love her!  They are really building a relati9onahip with her too. I don't know what to do?  Have you ever gone through this?

Today I'm grateful for my first baby Cola Bear Hinton!


  1. I remember when you brought home Cola, and brought her into work for all of us to meet. So precious now, and even more precious now!

    Keep her Jaime! Those babies will grow up with the best dog ever. Its amazing the bond that is created between children and dogs. Cola loves the twins just as much as she loves you now. =)

  2. Jaime,
    We have 3 dogs, and as much work as it is to keep the house clean and give them the attention they need, I would say to keep her. As the kids grow, they will bond with her and love her as much as you do.

  3. Jamie,

    Hurley was definitely our first baby, and anyone that told be he would become just our dog once Campbell arrived I thought was crazy. However, nothing could be more true. We live in a condo community, so we didn't have our own yard or much space for him to run about. It was a very hard decision but still feel like it was the best for him and Campbell.

    He was always great with Campbell and was gentle and protective with her. For us it came down to space and that Hurley deserved more attention and time than what we were able to give him. We were able to find a retired couple through our vet that had recently lost their lab to old age. They had one other small dog, a huge fenced in yard, and unlimited time and attention to give him.

    It was tough and there are times we miss him a lot, or something will remind us of him. But not for a second do I think we should have kept him, regardless it was the best decision for Hurley. Campbell loves animals and one day we will have another family pet to enjoy, just when our kiddo's are older.

    Hope this helps, Jess

  4. Oh James, such a tough decision. Praying for you.